HyperSpectral Imaging; spectrometer

The Spectra Mini scans up to 100 x 100 mm areas - acquiring full spectra at each scan position. You can then select the entire image, any sub-region, or a single pixel for analysis with our software.


  • X, Y, Z                            Automated axes

  • Scan Area (1):                100 mm x 100 mm 

  • Scan Resolution:          0.1 mm

  • Spectral Range (2):        240 nm to 1700 nm 

  • Spectral Resolution (2): 0.05 nm to 2 nm 

  1. Area size is scanner dependent. Contact us for custom or larger area scans.

  2. Spectrometer dependent. Virtually any fiber-optic fed spectrometer can be interfaced with our area scanners. Also, see the list of currently supported spectrometers.  Complete integrated plug'n play systems available .