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Spectra Insight™ Software  
Hyperspectral Imaging
Hyperspectral Cube

Main Application Screen: Menu (top), database (left), Image plane of selected bandwidth(s) with cross-sections and histogram (middle), Spectrum at cursor position (upper right), Statistics of entire cube (lower right).

Click image to enlarge.

Hyperspectral Cube: 

Display as 3D X-Ray, 


Spectral Insight acquires and processes spectral data in near-real time from virtually any imaging spectrometer. Spectral data can be imported from 3rd party sources for analysis. Image size/resolution and spectral range/resolution are limited only by the imaging spectrometer.


Search for spectra using a variety of selectable similarity algorithms. Search across multiple images and databases.


  • Search image for pixel spectra

  • Search image for database spectra

  • Search Database for image spectra

  • Search Database for Database spectra


     No Training, just click and search !!!


                 Example: Dillweed was searched

Version2,Search Score Image 1.png

CLUSTERING: Unsupervised Training

Find unique spectral clusters/regions automatically across an image.


  • K-Means clustering

  • DBSCAN clustering

CLASSIFYING: Supervised Training

Train/Classify spectra using (AI) within in image by selecting spectra and adding labels. Or use labeled cluster results for automatic classification. 

  • Support Vector Machine (SVN)


Highlight unique spectra and regions through a variety of color palettes and RGB color maps.


  • Display and number of bands

  • User selectable color palettes

  • Combine any collection of band


Example: Three bands selected out of 2048 wavelengths  


Reduce data into a manageable range and format for fast processing.


  • Principle Component Analysis

  • Polynomial Coefficients

  • Boxcar


Example: 2048 wavelengths reduced to 40 principle components



  • RGB Rendering of selected bands

  • Choose from a multitude of palettes

  • Combine multiple bands into one


Example: Image was acquired with a LW-NIR push-broom scanning spectrometer, and displayed as an RGB image.

Spectra Flower Pedals 2e.jpg
Version2, Spectral Bands Image 1.png
Version2, PCA Image 1.png
Version2, RGB Image 1.png


  • User generated spectra databases

  • 3rd party databases

  • Trained classifier databases


Example: USGS Database. Each Tab is a different database. Databases also shown in Tree form.

Version2, Database Pane 1.png



By combining selected bands with selectable equations, completely new images are generated enhancing spectral features.

  • Enhance spectral features

  • Correct atmospheric effects

  • Gage moisture content

  • Vegetation Analysis

  • Forestry 

  • Astronomy

  • Remote Sensing

  • Mineral and Geological Mapping

Version2, Spectrum Menu 1.png


Quickly visualize thousands of data planes in the X, Y, and Z directions.

  • Movies through any slice of the Hyperspectral Cube in the X, Y, and Z planes

  • Volumetric representation of the entire Hyperspectral Cube or a selection of bands.


Example: An animation movie along the X Plane, shows how spectra change along the plane.

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