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Spectrometer Options


Spectrometer Interfacing

Our Spectra Insight Software acquires spectral data over a specified region.  Data can be stored, processed, visualized, analyzed, and compared with local or 3rd party spectral databases for identification of known substances.  

Spectra Insight has two approaches to HyperSpectral Imaging.


  1. We incorporate a spectrometer of your choice into our area scanners. Our software then automatically scans, acquires, and analyzes spectral data over the area-of-interest.

  2. Our Spectra Insight Software interfaces directly to 2D camera spectrometers of your choice and acquires data at high speeds for near-real time analysis.


We provide complete integrated plug'n play systems with scanner, spectrometer, software, and computer.

The following spectrometers and light sources are currently supported.

  • New or custom spectrometers supported upon request



Spectrometer Requirements

The requirements for supporting a spectrometer are:

  • The spectrometer is a full 2D camera spectrometer,  or

  • a line scanning spectrometer, or

  • a point measuring spectrometer with fiber optic input/output probe.

  • The spectrometer has a software SDK for interfacing with our Spectra Insight Software.


Importing Spectral Data

Spectra Insight can also import native or 3rd party spectral data files for analysis without the need of a spectrometer.

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