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HyperSpectral Imaging Spectrometers
Spectra Diagram 1a.jpg

HyperSpectral Imaging

Spectrometers acquire spectrum data at a single point or pixel (Figure 2a) for applications such as chemical analysis, pharmaceutical identification, vegetation growth monitoring, and forensic detection of harmful substances. HyperSpectral Imaging Spectrometers shown in FIG 1. acquire a spectrum at a pixel, over a line, or across an entire plane to produce a three dimensional virtual cube of spectral information as shown in Figures 2b and 2c. Click figure to enlarge.

A typical 8MP digital camera produces 24,000,000 bytes of information. The same 8MP image with 2048 spectra per pixel and two bytes per spectra, will produce 32,768,000,000 bytes of information. That's over 1300 times more information per image. With our Spectra Insight Software, this data can be stored, processed, visualized, analyzed, and compared with local or 3rd party spectral databases for identification of known substances over large areas.  See our Gallery for examples. 

What We Do

Spectra Insight has two approaches to HyperSpectral Imaging.


  1. We incorporate a spectrometer with fiber probe of your choice into our area scanners. Our software then automatically scans and acquires spectral data over the area-of-interest.

  2. Our Spectra Insight Software interfaces directly to 2D camera spectrometers of your choice and acquires data at high speeds for near-real time analysis.

  • Area size is dependent on the scanner. Contact us for area scans larger than our standard products.

  • Virtually any camera spectrometer or fiber-optic fed spectrometer can be supported. See our list of currently supported spectrometers.

  • We provide complete integrated plug'n play systems with scanner, spectrometer, software, and computer.

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