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Spectra Insight Software

A demo version of our Spectra Insight software is available for download as well as  real world data files. To process your own data or acquire new data, you can purchase Spectra Insight. Contact us for purchase.

Download and install both the software and data from the link below.

Download Spectra Insight

Windows 10 Instructions:


You may get a windows message when trying to install as follows:


You can only install apps from the Windows Store" Message When Installing Spectra Insight on Windows 10

The message means that your computer is set to only allow installation of programs from the Windows store. Since Spectra Insight is obtained from rather than the Windows store, your computer is blocking the installation from continuing.

To change your computer's app settings:

  1. On your computer, click the Start menu 

  2. Click Settings

  3. Click Apps

  4. Click Apps and Features

  5. Under the first heading, "Installing Apps", click the drop-down box

  6. Select Allow apps from anywhere

  7. Now Run the installations.

  8. If you get another message when installing, ​Click More Info, and/or Install Anyway.

Your computer will now be set to allow installation of programs from any source. After Spectra Insight and data are installed, you may return to this menu and change back to your preferred setting, if desired.

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